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Upper GI surgeon Perth

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Minimal wait times for public and private patients with cancer or suspected diagnosis
Dr Suresh Navadgi | General & Upper GI Surgeon Perth

Upper GI and Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary surgery in Perth

Cancer surgery

I treat patients with primary and secondary liver cancers, pancreatic, stomach and gallbladder malignancies and can perform minimally invasive surgery for liver, gallbladder and pancreatic cancers. 

General surgery

I perform hernia surgery, splenectomies, hiatus hernia & reflux surgery, and laparoscopic cholecystectomies. I also insert long-term intravenous access devices (infusaports). 

Dr Suresh Navadgi Perth

About Dr Suresh Navadgi

Dr Suresh Navadgi

I see both public and private patients.

My aim is to see cancer patients (or those with a suspected diagnosis) within a week so they don’t have to worry for too long as I know how stressful a diagnosis can be. I am available to see urgent referrals same day or next day.

Benign upper Gi and general surgery Perth

Hernia & Upper GI surgery

Whether you have gallstones and your gallbladder needs to be removed, or you have a hernia, reflux or spleen issue, Dr Suresh Navadgi can help. 


Hernia surgery repairs weakened abdominal muscles to prevent tissue or organs from protruding through the weakened area, using sutures, mesh or tissue grafts for reinforcement. 


Cholecystectomy is the surgical removal of the gallbladder to alleviate symptoms caused by gallstones or other gallbladder-related conditions, usually performed using minimally invasive techniques. 

Hiatus hernia & anti-reflux surgery

Hiatus hernia and anti-reflux surgery aim to repair the opening in the diaphragm and strengthen the lower oesophageal sphincter to reduce acid reflux, typically performed through minimally invasive techniques to improve symptoms of heartburn and regurgitation. 


Splenectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the spleen, which is an organ located in the upper left side of the abdomen that plays a crucial role in filtering the blood and fighting infections. 

dr suresh navadgi - upper gi surgeon, cancer surgeon Perth

Surgery for liver, gallbladder and pancreas

Upper GI cancers

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming experience, which is why I try to see you within a week. 

Surgery for liver cancer

Surgery for primary and secondary liver cancer involves removing the tumour from the liver, either by resection of the affected part of the liver or through a liver transplant, depending on the size, location, and stage of the cancer, as well as your overall health. 

Surgery for pancreatic cancer

Surgery for pancreatic cancer involves removing the tumour from the pancreas and surrounding tissues, which may include a portion of the pancreas, bile duct, and small intestine, depending on the location and stage of the cancer, and your overall health. 

Surgery for gallbladder cancer

Surgery for gallbladder cancer involves removing the gallbladder, as well as any nearby lymph nodes or other tissues that may be affected by the cancer, depending on the stage and location of the cancer, and your overall health. 

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Located in West Leederville

My rooms are located in West Leederville. 

I operate from St John of God Subiaco and St John of God Mt Lawley. Public patients can see me in St John of God Midland and at Royal Perth Hospital.

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